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Replace missing teeth permanently.

Restore One or MOre missing teeth With Dental Implants

A healthy, beautiful smile can enhance your oral health and your confidence. Dental implants are a stable, long-lasting replacement for one or more missing teeth. Dental implants in Calgary look, feel and function like real teeth. They not only blend right in with your natural teeth, they improve chewing function, which can lead to better nutrition and improved quality of life. If you have significant tooth loss or damage, an implant bridge or denture can also be used to restore your smile and tooth function.

Our goal is to ensure you’re happy with your smile and your teeth and gums are healthy. Practicing good oral hygiene and seeing your dentist for regular checkups, cleanings and maintenance will help your implants last for many years to come.  

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Unless you are in need of bone augmentation, the first step of getting dental implants in Calgary is surgical placement of a titanium post in your jaw bone. This strong, stable post acts as a tooth ‘root’. It will then heal for up to six months to fully integrate with the bone. When healing is a complete, your dentist will take precise impressions and create a natural-looking, custom-made crown that is firmly attached to the top of the implant.

Candidates for dental implants in Calgary must have adequate bone and healthy gums. Our experienced dentists will do a thorough exam, take x-rays, and discuss your tooth replacement options. Dr. Ikuta or Dr. Ladha will create a specialized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals for optimal oral health and desired aesthetic results. Throughout the entire process, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about dental implants in Calgary, request an appointment online or contact us at 403-254-0406 today. We look forward to meeting you and serving all of your family’s dental care needs.

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