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Children’s Dentistry

Making dental care fun for your children.

Our Staff is Dedicated to CAring for Your Children

At Millrise Dental Clinic, our compassionate, professional staff love caring for our younger patients through our children’s dentistry offerings. Our dentists are committed to ensuring kids feel comfortable and safe.

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Taking Your Children to the Dentist for the First Time

During their first appointment, your child will sit in your lap while we perform a quick and simple exam. If you have any questions about oral care for toddlers and young children please don’t hesitate to ask. Many parents are unsure of when to start taking their children to the dentist. Your child should see a dentist at about two years of age and every 6-9 months following their initial visit. If you do have any concerns at any time, please call us. We are happy to help!
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We Make Going to the Dentist Fun

We understand that kids may have a hard time when it comes to waiting to be seen by their dentist. That’s why we have a play area featuring video games, TV, and plenty of toys for the little ones. Our treatment rooms also feature in-ceiling televisions so your child can watch during their appointment.
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Preventive Care

A good home care routine is essential to prevent cavities and keep your child’s mouth healthy. Regular dental cleanings and check-ups also help children feel positive and confident about going to the dentist–especially when they get the good news that they don’t have any cavities! At each appointment, we demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques and answer any questions that you or your children may have.
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Talking to Young Children About Dentist Visits

Kids are very perceptive, so it’s important to speak positively about visiting yourchildren’s dentist. Avoid using words like “shot,” “hurt” or “pain”. Simply tell your children the dentist will check their smile and count their teeth. We strive to make visits fun and help them understand dentistry at a kid’s level. For example, our hygienists may describe plaque as “sugar bugs” that need to be cleaned off.
children's dentist calgary

Talking To Your Teen About Oral Hygiene And Dental Care

Conversation with teens can be challenging, but keep in mind that most teenagers care a lot about the health and appearance of their smile. Reinforce the importance of limiting sugary foods and drinks, seeing their dentist regularly and brushing and flossing to prevent cavities and freshen breath. If your teen needs orthodontic treatment, we offer traditional braces and Invisalign.

Request more information online or call us at 403-254-0406 to learn more about our children’s dentistry services. We look forward to meeting you and serving all of your family’s dental care needs.

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