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Your Basic Guide to Invisalign/Invisible Braces

Invisible braces, better known as Invisalign, are removable orthodontic appliances which can be used for tooth alignment in place of the more common braces. They are a perfect solution for people who need to get their teeth aligned, but shudder at the thought of living with metal braces for the length of time required.

Using this smart alternative to metal braces, you can maintain the perfect smile while enjoying the benefits of tooth realignment treatment. Invisalign is made up of a series of colorless plastic aligners which are made to comfortably fit over your teeth, and then gently move them into the required position.

How it’s done

At the first consultation, photographs of the teeth will be taken, as well as a set of impressions. These are fed into a computer to help create a personalized digital projection of how the teeth can be realigned, and the specific series of aligner impressions that can gradually cause this change.

The entire set is then manufactured and sent to your dentist in Calgary from Align Technologies. At regular intervals of between four and six weeks, the dentist will give you new invisible braces according to the specified order for your teeth.

The aligners can be removed when you are eating, brushing and flossing and also when drinking certain beverages. However, the total wearing time should not be less than 20 hours daily for perfect results. Typically, one uses between 20-30 aligners to complete the full treatment for upper and lower dentition.

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