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Why Visit to Dentist in Your Baby’s First Year is Vital

Did you know that early childhood caries (ECC) is the number one chronic infections disease in clinics? Did you know that infections in ECC are five times more common than asthma?

Many parents think that it is okay to put off visits to the dentist until the child is three years old. This is not recommendable. Dentistry for children should begin within the baby’s first year. It is advisable that the baby begins seeing a kids dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts. Parents should not put off dental visits to later than 12 months.

ECC is a condition that results in the decay of the teeth at a very early age. It is a secondary condition resulting from poor nutrition and extended exposure to juices, sugars and sweet formulas. The condition can occur even in babies who are breastfeeding. This is because human milk exposes the newly formed teeth for extended periods.

Many parents have had children who need dental restorations. These procedures often have to be under general anesthesia since the children are often too young for other types of sedatives. This could all be avoided by ensuring that the children begin visiting a kids dentist at the earliest possible.

Not taking dental treatment seriously in the first year of your baby’s life could affect the quality of your child’s life in the future. ECC is a serious health problem that is easily preventable. Avoid this problem by taking your child’s oral health seriously.

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