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What You Need to Know About Dental Bonding

Tooth Bonding

Sometimes bigger teeth at the front of your mouth are stained, broken, or damaged. This can cause an attractive look to your smile. These issues can be easily fixed in our office with dental bonding.

The Bonding Procedure

During the bonding procedure, we apply a resin to the tooth in question using a high-intensity light. The light adheres the resin to your teeth. Once the resin is applied, the bonded resin is sculpted to your teeth and polished so that it looks natural.

Contact Us For Information About Dental Bonding

You may be a candidate for dental bonding if you have small gaps between your teeth, cracked, chipped, or uneven teeth. Patients with discoloured teeth, with decay, or those experiencing gum recession could also benefit. Contact our practice today to find out of this simple procedure would benefit you.

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