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What To Know About Sedation To Ease Nerves When Visiting Dentist

Feeling Nervous About An Upcoming Dental

Many people become anxious during trips to the dentist. If you are one of those individuals, don’t worry. It is common to experience “dental phobia” when a dental visit is imminent.

Our Sedation Dentist Can Ease Your Fears

We are able to provide a more relaxing dental visit for those who are anxious about dental procedures. We offer safe and effective sedatives, which will cause you to be more calm, and at ease prior to, and during your procedure.

A visit to the dentist can create anxiety in many people. With sedation dentistry, going to the dentist can be a relaxing and even comfortable experience. Sedation dentistry takes many forms. We will work with you to determine which methods will best reduce stress that may be associated with your treatment.

Minimal to moderate sedation can alleviate the anxiety associated with it. Additional benefits include being unaware of any of the sights, smells and feelings experienced during a dental procedure. The sedatives are administered either orally as a pill, or as a gas.

Oral sedation most commonly involves consuming an anti-anxiety pill (benzodiasephine). The medication will place you in a state of relaxation and ease. You will most likely forget parts or all of the experience of being in the dentist’s chair once you resume a normal level of consciousness.

Laughing gas (N2O) is administered by a mask to alleviate nervousness. You may feel a pleasant and warm sensation throughout your body during the procedures. While your response to pain will be greatly reduced, you will be sufficiently conscious to respond to your dentist allowing for a high level of safety.

We will only begin to perform a procedure when the sedatives have taken effect and put you in a comfortable state. When the procedure is completed, you will slowly regain a normal level of consciousness with little or no memory of the experience.

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You’re in good hands at Millrise. Drs. Rahim Ladha and Lester Ikuta are licensed and have been administering sedation to patients for years.

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