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What to Know About Dentures

Are your missing teeth making you self conscious and you are losing your smile?  Many people who lose several teeth over time become uncomfortable to smile widely and slowly learn not to.   Millrise Dental can help you, because there are several options.

If all of your teeth are missing, our dentist can fit you with dentures that consist of a full set of replacement teeth.  This is one option for you to discuss with us.  However, these full dentures will help restore your chewing function, improve speech, and create a more natural, aesthetically pleasing smile.

They are designed to sit above the jaw bone, on top the gums in such a way that they fit in between the natural teeth and thus fill in any missing gaps in your smile. In other words, they are not anchored into the bone, but sit in a base, which may or may not be anchored into the jaw bone. Denture teeth are created after taking impressions in order to custom fit the mouth and the gaps created by missing teeth. Many patients opt for them because they are an easier and more affordable alternative to dental implants, particularly when there are many teeth missing.

Partial dentures work the same way as full dentures, can be crafted to fit in amongst your remaining natural teeth and help restore a beautiful smile and restore your chewing function where you had missing teeth.  At Millrise Dental, we prefer to maintain natural teeth to the extent possible.

Please Contact Millrise Dental To Learn About Dentures

Dr. Ladha, or Dr. Ikuta will be happy to discuss the type of dentures that would be appropriate for you, together with any other dental needs.  Please call us at 403.254.0406 to explore affordable family dentistry treatments, or request an appointment .

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