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Tips from Your Family Friends Dentist Office on How to Get Your Kids Eager to Brush

Tips from Your Family Friends Dentist Office on How to Get Your Kids Eager to Brush

Good dental habits are essential for your kid's oral health. While the baby teeth will eventually fall out, they affect the development of the permanent adult teeth. For this reason, helping the kids learn to brush and floss is crucial in achieving optimal dental care.

Typically, children might not be able to brush or floss their teeth properly on their own until about age seven. If your kids need a little push to perfect their at-home dental care habits, it’s best to get guidance from a family friendly dentist office. Call us today to make an appointment.

Below are tips from your family friendly dentist's office to get your child more involved and eager to brush independently:

1. Make it Family Time

Parents are the first role models to their children. Whether you're aware or not, your kid will always be mimicking you. Take advantage of this fact and help your child build good oral habits by leading by example. So, when it's brushing time, grab your brush and join the kids in the bathroom. Show them how to brush and how long to do it, as you let them copy you.

Children below seven often have trouble brushing on their own. To help them learn, allow these young kids to try brushing on their own first, then clean up after them. Ensure each side of every tooth is well cleaned to prevent plaque buildup and dental carries.

2. Buy Fun Toothbrushes

Fun and colourful toothbrush designs can help get children more excited to brush their teeth. The market is overflowing with fun toothbrush styles and brands with cartoons or characters from popular kids' books and TV shows. Such tools can make dental care routine more interesting for children. It can be even more enjoyable if you allow the kids to select their favourite toothbrushes from the store. Let the children have attractive toothbrushes they'll be excited to use!

3. Use Flavoured Kinds of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another supply that can make brushing a more exciting experience for kids. Unlike adult kinds of toothpaste, children's toothpaste comes in sweeter, less intense flavours. Children using adult toothpaste, especially those under 3, will find them too harsh and can shun brushing because of the associated sensation. Toothpaste for children aged three or less should not contain fluoride and are usually made of unique ingredients to ensure they're gentle on the kid's mouth.

Besides flavours, toothpaste for children usually features cartoons and colours that bring more fun to the oral care routine. Tag your kid along with you to the store, let them choose their dental care supplies, and see how they'll always be excited to brush.

4. Make Brushing a Game

You can make brushing a game and turn it into a fun activity for your kids. Your family friendly dentist office recommends brushing for two minutes, but this can seem forever for kids. Playing your kid's favorite song during brushing time can help distract them while making the exercise more enjoyable. YouTube offers many toothbrushing songs that motivate kids to brush for the recommended two minutes. Any dental product with a timer or access to a timing app will be beneficial in enhancing your child's brushing experience.

5. Choose Electric Over Manual Toothbrushes

While electric and manual toothbrushes can clean the teeth in equal measure, electric toothbrushes come with timers that can help children struggling to follow the brushing routine clean their teeth for the recommended duration. Those children with motor difficulties might also find electric toothbrushes easier and more comfortable to use.

Brushing with Eagerness

Getting your kids eager to brush is an art that will pay off even past childhood. Involving a family friendly dentist office at every stage of your child's dental development is essential in ensuring the kids maintain proper oral health. Get in touch with Millrise Dental Clinic today to secure your child's dental health.

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