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Things to Know When Getting Dental Crowns

Do you have a tooth that has been weakened due to a large cavity, an accident, or root canal treatment?  If so, you may require a dental crown to strengthen and protect it from further damage.

What Is A Dental Crown?

It is tooth-shaped dental restoration which completely covers the tooth and restores its strength and appearance.  When bonded into place, all of the surface above the gum-line is protected.

What Are The Most Common Reasons To Use Them?

They are used by our dentists to help our patients with a variety of challenges.  In most cases, it is used to strengthen a tooth.  However, they are also widely used by cosmetic dentists to improve the appearance of one or many teeth.

If a series of crowns or dental veneers are used along the smile line, it is known as a smile makeover.  When you notice the brilliant white smile of a movie star, for example, it is likely that you are admiring the effects of dental crowns!

Here are the main reasons that our dentists treat our patients with them:

To support teeth with large fillings

A large filling structurally weakens a tooth and makes it susceptible to breaking.  For our patients with large fillings, our dentists routinely check for signs of stress and cracks around the filling.  It’s a good idea for patients to report any feelings of weakness in the teeth while chewing food.

To re-enforce root canal treated teeth

Since a root canal treatment involves removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth, it is essentially no longer alive.  Over time a root canal treated area can become brittle and prone to breaking.  Our dentists always recommend them for root canal treated teeth as a safety precaution.

To repair chipped or broken teeth

Similar to teeth with large fillings, teeth with chips or breaks lose structural integrity and can easily become more damaged and threaten the loss of the tooth.

To improve the appearance of teeth

In cosmetic dentistry, they are a popular choice for restoring the appearance of teeth.  They can be used on teeth that resist teeth whitening procedures, those which have been substantially ground down, or even to correct minor cases of straightening.  As a further benefit, they can be made to look very natural, the shade of white can be selected and porcelain crowns are naturally resistant to staining.

To complete a dental implant

A dental implant is the equivalent of the root of the tooth, whereas the crown is still needed to create the functional upper part of it.

What To Expect When Getting A Same-Day Crown

Millrise Dental Clinic takes pride in providing the most advanced dental technology available.  When it comes to dental crowns, we offer both the traditional and same-day. Traditional are custom made by a dental lab, and same-day crowns are made using advanced technology.

Unfortunately, same-day crowns, though more convenient, are not suitable for everyone.  During a consultation with one of our dentists, we will advise you if you are a candidate for them.

Traditional Dental Crown Procedure At Millrise Dental Clinic

The treatment takes place over the course of two appointments.  The first appointment involves shaping the tooth, matching the shade of the crown to your natural teeth, making an impression of it and providing a temporary crown to cover it while the crown is custom made in a dental lab.

At the second appointment our dentist will secure it, transforming it into a very natural looking and strengthened one.

Ceramic Reconstruction (CEREC) Crowns At Millrise Dental Clinic

A Ceramic Reconstruction (CEREC) crown is available at our dental clinic!  This technology allows our dentists to measure, create, and secure it in a single visit. CEREC uses advanced computerized 3D modelling and 3D printing to create composite porcelain crowns.

Getting Started

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