We have dentists that speak English, French, Farsi, and Tagalog!

Things to Know About the General Dentistry We Offer

Family Dentistry In Calgary

We are proud to offer comprehensive family dental care to patients of all ages – from young children to senior citizens.  Since 1989, our clinic has built its reputation on caring for families like yours!

New Patients

Have you and your family just moved into the area and need to find a great new dentist?  Or are you just looking for someone who will fit your needs better?  In either case, you can expect to be welcomed by our team with smiles and friendly service!

Children’s Dental

Making sure your children are comfortable with your dentist is important.  We are skilled at treating children of all ages and know how to build a relationship with children that inspires trust and cooperation.  To make you more comfortable in selecting us as your family dentist, come in to meet us and see the office before your first visit!

Complete General And Cosmetic Dental Services

We are committed to you and your family.  We provide a comprehensive offering of dental services so that most of the services your family will ever need can be met right here.

When the situation calls for it, however, we refer our patients out for specialized care from an oral surgeon or other specialists.  You can always trust us to make sure you’re fully informed and your dental care is good hands.

A Focus On Prevention

We want you to have healthy teeth and prevent major dental work before it is needed.  Through patient education and routine examinations and professional cleanings for you and your children, it’s very possible that you can live your life without major treatments.

On the other hand, if you are currently having some problems, we can help you restore your dental health and prevent further complications.  If you have a fear of treatments, we offer sedation dentistry to help you deal with anxiety and remove any barriers to creating the excellent oral health care you deserve!

Emergency Dental Services

When you’re raising children, it seems that accidents never happen on schedule!  We are proud to be here for you and your family no matter what day or time your dental emergency happens. When you call us at (403) 254-0406, our dentist’s emergency numbers will be shared with you in our voicemail greeting.  Post our number in a visible spot so you can call us if needed.

Contact Us

We understand that everyone has unique needs. Our team has the experience with patients of all ages to make your family’s dental needs as easy and enjoyable as possible. We invite you to contact us to book an appointment today – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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