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How Does Direct Dental Billing Work?

A visit to the dentist should be as pleasant as possible from the dental work to the payment. At Millrise Dental Clinic, located in SW Calgary, we endeavor to ensure that this is available for all of our clients. Our dentists provide excellent service, including emergency service. When it comes time to pay, our direct dental billing service will make sure that you make your payments conveniently.

How it works

Following your appointment, our computers will automatically deduct the charge from your insurance coverage, for those plans that allow for instant Internet response.  Some plans respond more slowly. However, this will save you the hassle of filing the paperwork for reimbursement and, where applicable, you will not have to pay the amount provided by your insurance plan. If there is still an amount owing, we will explain the different payment options available to you.

All we need is your insurance provider’s information and the number that identifies you with the insurer when you visit us for the first time. We will use that information for future appointments. Please try to bring all your Insurance Plan documents at your first appointment and this will expedite the direct billing processing time in subsequent visits.

Type of plans

Whether you have coverage from your job, government, university or you have coverage from a private insurer, we will submit the claim on your behalf. You will need to know what your dental insurance plan covers and whether your insurer accepts direct dental billing, preferably before setting up the appointment. In any case we will ask you again at the time of the appointment.


None at all, at least no paperwork for you! We will take care of all the paperwork as part of the service, since the insurance companies usually need it as proof of your appointment and a record of your treatment. We will try our best, to the extent that the Privacy Act allows us. In other words, sometimes you will be required to complete some paperwork that we are not allowed to complete.

Amount covered

The amount covered will be based on your plan. Most times, the insurer does not cover the entire treatment so that you will have to take care of the balance. So what we do to make it easier for you, is provide an estimate for major work like crowns, root canals, implants, etc, and obtain a pre-authorization from your Insurance plan provider before the work begins, so you can know what the insurer will pay for and what you may be required to pay.  General dentistry work like cleanings, fillings, and extractions is completed right away, as the need is seen.  In such cases pre-authorization is not seen as a requirement.

Contact us

For more information, you can find us at our offices at Millrise dental.  If you need one of those convenient after-work evening services, you can call us at (403) 254-0406, which is the same number for our emergency services.

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