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Get a Natural Smile with Invisalign Braces in Calgary

If you had the unfortunate experience of having metal braces fitted to your teeth during your early years, the emotions you felt at the time most likely haunt you to date. The taunts, discomfort and general poor appearance scarred most people for life, but luckily, professional invisalign Calgary ab has changed all this.

What is Different with Invisalign Braces?

This is a series of custom-made, clear plastic braces that are fitted for a period of two weeks. Unlike the ordinary, this modern option is administered at Millrise Dental by our best dentist in Calgary using sophisticated equipment to map the exact movement of your teeth.

The teeth fixtures are designed to gradually align your teeth to the required position. But that’s not all that makes this technology so cool. Take a look at some other practical benefits:

  • Convenience: These are removable fittings meaning you will be able to take your favorite foods. What’s more, you can remove them when sleeping, meaning your life will not be negatively affected.
  • Discreet: The fact that they are undetectable makes them idyllic, especially where you are regularly expected to be in the public limelight. If your kid has a teeth problem that needs alignment, they will not have to suffer embarrassing moments at school due to their appearance.
  • Efficiency: This dental correction procedure is faster. Once you visit the most established invisalign Calgary ab experts at Millrise Dental, they will map a tailor-made plan for your dental layout and create a series of aligners for you. Every two weeks you will wear a different set and the alignment process will be given.

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