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Does The Tooth Become Brittle After A Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment involves the complete removal of the nerve and the living tissue found in the tooth. In order for the dentists to access the pulp cavity of the tooth, they have to remove a reasonable amount of the tooth substance. This results in a weaker tooth structure. The tooth is more vulnerable to breaking when under pressure.

It is also important that teeth requiring this type of treatment have also already lost a lot of their structural integrity. People usually require root canal treatment because of the loss of a great amount of the structure of the tooth to decay or any other catastrophe. The tooth’s structure has therefore already undergone compromise by the time the patient comes in for treatment.

Dental clinics often recommend placing the crown on top of the tooth that has undergone root canal treatment. The crown acts as reinforcement to the tooth and it will prevent the tooth from cracking.

A dental crown covers the entire exposed surface of the tooth. Placing of the crown need not be on the tooth immediately following the root canal. Delay in placing the dental crown depends on the recommendations of your dentist. It is however important to ensure placement of the crown as soon as possible where the damage to the tooth was extensive.

Discuss your options with your dentist. Ensure that you understand the benefits and risks of the different procedures before you determine the best course of action.

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