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5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Taking your child to the kids dentist is important for their oral health. However many children view dental visits as a scary event. The following five tips ought to make the next visit a little easier.

1. Start them off early

It is important to begin the visits early. This will help them get used to having the regular checks. The dental clinic will become a familiar place to them. Start as early as when they turn one year old or when the first tooth becomes visible.

2. Make it simple

Avoid long and complex conversation that your child will not understand. Do not include too much detail in the conversation. Have a positive attitude when explaining that he/she needs to go for a checkup or treatment.

3. Choose your words carefully

Avoid those words that are likely to cause alarm such as pain and shot. A kids dentist knows how to talk to children in a language they’ll understand and be positive to. Allow the dentist to take over in difficult situations.

4. Play pretend

Have a pretend visit with your child. This will help your child see the visit as a game. Role playing is key in building your child’s confidence and helping them to get familiar with what happens during the visits.

5. Be prepared for a fuss

Stay calm when your child begins to make a fuss. This is normal for a young child being examined by a stranger. The dental care professionals can guide you in such a situation.

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