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How to Get Your Kids Excited About Their Dental Care

If you don’t want your child to always fight you whenever it’s time for their next checkup, or to fight every time you tell them to floss or brush their teeth, it’s important to make dental care a fun activity for the them so that they’re always looking forward to a visit with the kids’ dentist.

Here are some things you can do:

1. Colored floss
Invest in colored floss and do it together with them, since children love to ape adults. Ask them to choose floss in their favorite color, and show them how it’s done properly. Begin as early as you can so they grow up with the habit.

2. Incentives
Before your visit to the kid’s dental clinics, explain to them where you’re going and why it’s important. You can line up a fun activity to do afterward, like no-sugar treats, a trip to the park or buying them something they really like. This way, they’ll look forward to days when they go to see the kids’ dentist in Calgary.

3. Inclusion
Just like flossing, include them in your personal dental care regime. From a young age, brush with them and teach them the importance of healthy dental habits. You should be a role model, and also let them know when you go to get your checkups so that it just doesn’t seem like checkups are only part of dentistry for children.

4. Fun toothbrush
Go to the store with them and allow them to pick out their own toothbrush, and buy the nice flavored toothpaste for kids. Or you can buy them one of their favorite cartoon characters so they look forward to the brushing experience.

If you need more assistance or you’re looking for a kids’ dentist, please visit Millrise Dental in Calgary, or call (403) 254-0406 now.

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